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From the French meaning "speck" or "spangle", a very small type of sequin used as trimming on eveningwear.
A swirled pattern characterized by a teardrop shape. Popularized in Paisley, Scotland during the 1800s, this design was originally an adaptation of a spade pattern found on Indian shawls.
Made from wool combed from the undercoat of Himalayan mountain goats, a featherweight fabric that rivals cashmere in softness and warmth.
    Patch pocket
A flat, outside pocket stitched onto a garment.
    Patent leather
A type of leather that has been treated to create a shiny, hard surface.
A jewelry setting in which stones are placed very tightly together so that no metal shows through.
    Pea coat
Popularized in the 1920s as a nautical style, a hip-length double-breasted wool jacket with wide lapels, notched collar and buttons featuring an anchor motif.
A finishing process that gives fabric a very soft, brushed feel similar to the skin of a peach.
    Peau de soie
From the French for "skin of silk," a soft, heavy fabric with a fine diagonal rib.
    Pebbled leather
A subtly textured leather with an embossed finish that resembles tiny pebbles.
    Pencil skirt
A women's skirt that is cut in a straight line from the hips to the hem.
A short flouncy section attached to the waistline of a women's blouse, jacket or dress.
A smooth plain-weave fabric with a high thread count that is most often used for sheeting.
A type of stitching with space in between each stitch.
A series of small loops that form a decorative trim on garments.
A type of fabric with small loops forming the surface. Terry cloth is an example of a pile fabric in which the loops remain intact; velvet and corduroy are examples of pile fabrics in which the tops of the loops have been cut off.
    Pima cotton
A luxurious high-quality long-staple cotton that resists pilling.
A fabric with very narrow ribbing.
A soft and lustrous oxford cotton with an ultra-fine basket weave.
Thin, evenly spaced white or grey lines on dark fabrics, often used in suiting.
A very narrow fold of fabric stitched down to create a decorative stripe.
A slim bias-cut strip of fabric folded and stitched into a seam for a decorative trim.
A durable knit fabric characterized by a textured honeycomb pattern.
A strip of fabric usually at the center where the garment fastens together.
A decorative fold of fabric.
A term used to describe the number of fibers twisted together to form a single yarn. Higher-ply yarn is often considered to be superior, as it is stronger and more durable.
A knit fabric stitched with tiny open-work designs to give a garment delicate texture.
Often blended with other fabrics, a man-made fiber known for its excellent resiliency, ability to maintain shape and a resistance to shrinking and wrinkles.
Originating in South America, a square or rectangular blanket-like garment with a hole in the center for the head.
A tightly woven, durable, plain-weave fabric with a slight ridge effect.
    Princess seams
Curved seams at the front or back of a garment that create a flattering, form-fitting shape.
A knit top that can be pulled on over the head.
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